Jewel designer and, therefore, sculptress, Maria Assumpciˇ Piquer sees her steady line shown with the only support of the canvas and the paper. Coming from a long path as a professional of the art by order, now as a designer, then as an art teacher, the work of this artist from Manresa (Barcelona) has inherited an eclecticism that looks for its own shapes through a mixture of techniques and styles. It is not difficult to find, in the work that she displays publicly now for the first time, the track of the impresionism, a certain expressionism - they have marked her learning process and her painting passion - and the echo of deco art, a style that isn't strange to the surroundings where her artistic vocation has been fructifying.
Daughter of a commercial Manresa, she had an education where music and art were never missed. Maria Assumpciˇ Piquer has dedicated, however, her professional life in what we know as applied arts: jewelry, decoration and education as well. We can notice that hers is a developed vocation, maybe as an obligation, in this field where art and survival join. The survival of the craftsman.

This is the first time that we have the chance to enjoy what the artist has made by the intimate and solitary pleasure of creating.

Ramon Aymerich. La Vanguardia,1996.

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