The first impression that I had when I saw the work of Maria Assumpció Piquer was a sensation of rest. In an art scenario where medley abounds, we have to be thankful that there is somebody who plays with the tranquillity, the lines and the curves in their purest state. I have also experienced another sensation: the one of a certain time travel. It isn't a "dejŕ vu " in the disparaging sense that sometiemes occurs to the word, no; it is meeting again a treatment of the image, of the " face" that we know and that some – including me- admired: the making of American posters in the Thirties: faces of gentlemen and evocative ladies of an enviable social status, “garçon” hairdos and haircream poured generously.

Maria Assumpció Piquer displays sophisticated faces with a simple line. However, this simplicity does not have to make us think that the work is done without effort. Simplicity is indeed, for the plastic artist, the arrival point after a research trial, leaving everything accessory behind in the mind-support binomial.

What Maria Assumpció Piquer is showing us in this exhibition is a part of her inner world. If one has the luck, as I have had, to take a glance to the rest of her work, one easily makes the conclusion that we are in front of a complete plastic artist. Paper, inks and gouache we see today are easily changeable to canvas and oils the day that she decides to express other subjects of her interest. Different techniques and styles even take her to the design and making of jewels since silver and gold work is another of Maria Assumpció facets. The solid and multidisciplinar formation of this artist is both a guarantee and a consideration towards those interested in her work.

Salvador Redó i Martí. Graphic journalist. 1997

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