The Passeig Art art gallery in Manresa exhibits works of Maria Assumpció Piquer. We already had the chance to see tworepresentative works of her in the same gallery, in the summer collective exhibit which we reviewed here. She is the first local artist who has an exhibition there.

The control of the diverse techniques (chalks, gouache, pencil, Chinese ink, oil on canvas, or even mixed techniques), does not exclude the conceptual and formal uniformity of the whole. The recent production of Maria Assumpció Piquer is conceived from basic, clean, schematic shapes, a result of a firm outline that brings light visual impressions that vaguely define the contour of figures, only outlined by the symbol which sets them apart. Piquer represents the own conventionalisms of an anthropomorphous figure, with least referents possible, excluding any ornamental note, but enough to identify the reason that is wanted to stand for.

We can see a clearing example of this way to understand the representation in "Dressed for Tonight ", where the artist portrays a man and a woman with the minimum number of elements. Then this style places her near the illustration field and the poster making of century beginnings, without missing a persistent geometrism and marked formal verticalism directly influenced by its dedication to the world of craftmanship in precious metals.

Eva Sánchez. Art critique, Regió7 newspaper. 1998

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